About Us

Established in 1972, we are a family-owned company with 9 Local Full-Service Warehouses with showrooms serving Mid-Michigan.  Each location has knowledgeable personnel with at least one employee having 20 years or more experience.

  • We supply plumbing, electrical, heating, and cabinetry for all of your needs as well as the top products in our industry.
  • We are large enough to compete with Big Box stores, yet small enough to have the flexibility to handle special orders and special circumstances efficiently.
  • We're here to help you with your problems not send you down an aisle.

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  • Our Dedication Shows

    My husband was doing some plumbing and needed some parts. With one phone call, one of your awesome employees was on her way to the store to help him. That's what I call a dedicated employee. - Diane Boyer

  • Different Than the Bog Box Chains

    My wife and I decided to do a major bathroom remodeling project. We first went to the Big Box stores and a competitor. But none of these places provided enough guidance to make us comfortable enough to start the project. So we went to Vic Bond Sales in Fenton. The employees there were so helpful! Their assistance throughout the entire process helped us get the project finished. They were very knowledgeable and very patient with inexperienced homeowners like ourselves. We just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful experience. - Michael Zielke

  • Helping You Is Our Top Priority

    Your entire staff have helped us numerous times with home repair problems, always with a smile and good advice. My daughter was in car accident and one of your employees was the only one to stop and help. I'd say that is the type of employee who is a true asset. - Ralph Bittner

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Why Buy Locally

As local business men, we know firsthand the importance of buying local. Our plumbing, electrical, heating, and cabinetry store, Vic Bond Sales, has had to compete with "box stores" and large out of state wholesale chains that move into the area for business. While a local business has the advantage of quality customer service, not many people understand how dramatically buying from locally owned merchants can affect the community.

When people spend money in the community, the amount of money that goes back into the community improvements, local hiring, and sustaining the local economy is much higher. Money is recycled back into the community when you buy local. Globalization is great, but doesn't help your local neighborhood. Buying locally brings the economy back home where it belongs.

A recent study by Local First to track money spent in local businesses found that $78 out of every $100 is returned in some form to the community. Compare that with a study by the American Independent Business Alliance that found only $48 of every $100 spent at a chain store returns to the community. This new study has shown that simply creating a movement of buying locally increases the economic stability of the neighborhood.

Local businesses do not have to pay out of state fees. Their owners are living in the community. With local businesses, local dollars go to hiring, local spending, local charities, and local improvements. They also launch new businesses in local areas. "Indies," as independent business owners like to call themselves, donate more than twice as much as chain stores per sales profit to local nonprofits, community events, and teams.

Owners of a business know how important your business is to you. If consumers were encouraged to spend 10% of their allotted spending dollars at local businesses, this in turn would help OUR local economy and keeping OUR money invested locally helps everyone in OUR community.

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Below are answers to our Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Do you have parts to support the product you sell?

    Yes, Vic Bond Sales Inc. has one of the largest service parts inventories in the state. Not only to support the products we sell, but other products as well. Vic Bond Sales Inc. stocks a huge assortment of parts for many makes and models of plumbing, HVAC, and electrical equipment. If we don't have it in stock we most likely have access to it.

  • Is Vic Bond Sales Inc. competitive with big box stores?

    Yes! Vic Bond Sales Inc. is able to provide comparable pricing with superior service.

  • What are your hours?

    Our stores are open convenient hours Monday - Saturday. Please see our Locations page for local hours.

  • Do you assist with warranties of the product?

    Unlike the big box stores and product bought online, Vic Bond Sales Inc. takes care of all warranties with the manufacturers on all items purchased from Vic Bond Sales Inc.

  • Do you deliver?

    Yes! Vic Bond Sales Inc. offers delivery and shipping services.

  • Do you provide installation services?

    Vic Bond Sales Inc. has partnered with local contractors to make sure that you can get the installation services that you require.

  • Can I pick up product at another branch?

    Certainly! Vic Bond Sales Inc. is committed to being very accessible to its customers. We can ship products to any of our stores for you to pick up.

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